Filmine Protocol update

June 5, 2022

Introducing the new Filmine protocol, everything you need for Filecoin mining in one place.

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We are excited to let you know that a new version of the Filmine protocol is now available. This update adds a number of new features that were made with Filecoin storage providers in mind. What’s new:

  • Convert your miner to a Filmine data center.
  • Storage providers' profile management
  • Filgram Storage Provider Explorer

What exactly is Filmine?

Filmine is an ecosystem created with the aim of providing liquidity, monitoring, and miners' reputation on Filecoin. Miners can claim their profiles on Filgram (Filmine's client-facing storage provider explorer), where they can share information about their storage capacity, pricing, and minimum and maximum data sizes, as well as whether they accept deals. Miners can decide to join the Filmine protocol to accelerate their time to profit and boost their growth by getting access to 5x more collateral.

The conversion to the Filmine data center can be completed in three simple steps:

  • Set your reward payout address
  • Pledge your collateral by sending the funds to Filmine Protocol
  • Connect the new Filimne address to your miner

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When you convert your miner to the Filmine data center, you will get access to a detailed dashboard about your miner's performance, rewards, and collateral. At the moment, you can join our waiting list to become part of Filmine DC. In the future, the proper governance system will be set in place.

Storage provider management dashboard

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You can now manage all of your data centers from a single location on your dashboard page. Customize your profile, add your social links to boost your exposure, and inform clients that you're open to making deals.

Filmine was made just for miners, with the goal of making it easier to scale up and run your mining operations. By converting your miner to a Filmine data center, you can:

  • Keep sealing sectors without worrying about collateral
  • See your resource utilization and mining efficiency
  • Receive rewards every 24 hours without vesting
  • View your deals and client ratings

Filmine’s Filgram explorer

The Filgram explorer platform is not only for storage providers; it is also for users who want to store data on a decentralized web by leveraging IPFS and the Filecoin network. Check out Filgram.

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Filgram allows you to search for storage providers based on the parameters that are most relevant to you. You can search for SPs from various regions and locations or filter them by their storage capacity and number of deals. You can make sure that your data is safe by looking at the references and past performance of the storage provider. By choosing to store data on Filmine-verified miners, we make sure that your data is saved securely on multiple nodes and is always ready to be retrieved.

What’s next?

As our team is on a mission to make the Filmine protocol even bigger, we are also working on a few new and exciting features.

  • Filgram Deals: Clients will be able to make deals directly through Filgram.
  • Filstation: A tool for decoupling the mining process and running the sealing process with verified data.

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